Sedan Dip – Outback Queensland

We check out the glam side of Sedan dip – country races complete with hats, drinks and fashion.

Now these are country races with a difference.  You won’t find any thoroughbreds lining up to race here – this is a race for the grass-fed quarter horses, bred to sprint the 200 metre course.

This year, for the first time, canine contenders are hitting the track for the inaugural Sedan Dip dog race.  There’s just one greyhound, a bitsa and many other breeds making this one of the most fun days at the races you’ll come across.  What a fun day!

The story aired on Queensland Weekender – Saturday 19 March 2016 as part of a special episode exploring Julia Creek and the surrounding towns.  The show and was repeated to a national audience the following Saturday at 12.30pm on 7Two.

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