Showtime! by Judy Nunn

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love Showtime! by Judy Nunn… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

In this enlightening new fiction novel, bestselling author Judy Nunn takes readers on a journey from the English cotton mills to the magnificent theatres of Melbourne.

It’s the 19th century and Melbourne is filled with hopefuls from every corner of the globe, including the Worthington family. This family has arrived from England with masterful talents that will see them rise from travelling performers to sophisticated entrepreneurs. However, they must first fight their rivals who have literally fought their way to the top – they must fight for supremacy.

As a performer herself, Judy Nunn has revisited her love for theatre and returned to her glamorous roots with this wonderful story. It is this love and passion that shines through authentically on every page. With comedy, tragedy, passion, and betrayal written beautifully between the covers, this book deserves a round of applause.

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