Silver by Chris Hammer

Vic and Chris weren’t the only ones to love Silver… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

Silver is Chris Hammer’s follow-up to the blistering, bestselling novel Scrublands, and will leave you just as breathless. Investigative journalist Martin Scarsden, his partner Mandy, and her young son Liam have left behind the violent events that occurred in Riversend and are in search of a fresh start. Mandy thinks they’ve found it when she inherits a house in the idyllic seaside town of Port Silver, but Martin isn’t so sure. Port Silver is the place he grew up in; the place he left as soon as he could decades ago and never looked back. When his childhood friend is murdered and Mandy becomes the prime suspect, it looks as if Martin’s reservation was warranted; especially when another horrific event occurs. Frustrated by the lack of progress made by the police, Martin takes it upon himself to investigate, and what he finds will rock the community of Port Silver to its core.

Silver is much more of a slow burn than the explosive Scrublands, but more’s the better – the tension builds and simmers as Martin unravels mystery after sinister mystery. It’s a cracking read and an excellent second outing from Chris Hammer.

– Sarah, Fiction Buyer


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