Sleeping with the fishies on the Great Barrier Reef

It’s one of the natural wonders of the world and it’s right in our backyard, the Great Barrier Reef – the playground for migrating whales, an underwater oasis bursting with colour and life. A day trip out to see the natural allure has most wanting more than a couple of hours out on the water.

But what if you could stay out on the reef for longer, allowing you more time to take in this last bastion of untouched wildlife? Enter Reefsleep.

Reefsleep is a two-day/one-night encounter with the Great Barrier Reef – an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep under the stars. Exclusive Reefworld at Hardy Reef is your destination – a permanently moored pontoon, located 39 nautical miles from shore on the outer Great Barrier Reef. Swim, snorkel, dive and explore this amazing natural ecosystem.

After the day-trippers head back to shore, the pontoon and the reef are exclusively yours. Enjoy a sunset drink before your evening meal is served on deck, featuring fresh and delicious local produce. Afterwards, head for the pontoon’s top-level and slip into your cosy Reefbed– it’s just you, the ocean and a galaxy of stars.

An incredible experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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