Sunshine Coast Food Trail

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its foodie experiences. Markets. Restaurants. Cooking schools. Farms. You name it, they’ve got it. What if you want to make a day, or a weekend of it to check them all out – where do you start?.

We used the Sunshine Coast Food Trail to point us in the right direction.  It was just like having our own tour guide with all the essential info like directions, opening hours, contact details and an overview of each property so you can create your very own food trail to suit your tastes.

Sunshine Coast Food Trail

We visit the Strawberry Fields where visitors can pick as many fresh strawberries as they like. Entry is free and guests only pay for what they pick. On site there is a café, shop and picnic areas.

Picking season runs from June to November.

scfood3Then we discover an exquisite sub-tropical fruit from South America growing happily in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast Food Trail

Hinterland Feijoas are the only commercial feijoa growers in Australia. They produce a range of products that include feijoa ice cream, jams, chutneys and more. The products can be purchased from their website, collected from the farm during the month of March or from local markets and stores.

Watch our food story but for the best story of all, create your very own food trail the next time you’re at the Sunshine Coast.


Strawberry Fields 

Hinterland Feijoas 

Sunshine Coast Food Trail

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