Sweet Escapes Yacht Charters

The Fraser Coast is world-famous for some of the most interactive nature experiences anywhere on earth and you can discover them at your own pace with a yacht charter!

Locally owned Sweet Escapes offers three-night or more yacht charters on this fully equipped Leopard 43 Catamaran.

“We’ll do about a two-hour induction,” said the owner of the vessel, Rohan Surname. “We teach you all the ropes, we go out, hoist the sails if you like, depending on your confidence, we do an anchoring procedure. Then we’ll send you to the most comfortable location for the night.”

The Great Sandy Strait is the ideal location for sailing, with Fraser Island acting as a windbreak meaning the waters are calm.

“There’s a lot of marine life out here so you got turtles, dugongs, whales in whale season,” said Rohan. “Plenty of wildlife, a lot of fishing, crabbing.”

Sailing yourself around offers many a bonus including the freedom to anchor up where ever your heart desires!

The yacht is equipped with a motor-powered inflatable boat, stand up paddleboard and kayak so you can paddle to shore on any of the islands along the Great Sandy Strait.

But if you decide to just stick to the boat, that’s fun too!

Surrounded by water, it’s easy enough to transition from thrill to chill and as the sun goes down, it’s quite the breathtaking backdrop to dinner and a few cold ones.

For plenty more ideas on things to see and do around the Fraser Coast, head to visitfrasercoast.com.

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