The best barbequed meat in the City of Ipswich

Since we can’t exactly get across to the United States for a dose of delicious smoked barbequed meats, there’s another extremely local way you can get your fix… and it’s right here in the city of Ipswich!

Chef Fenton Keogh is an Ipswich-ite both born and bred. He’s always been in the hospitality industry, and that’s for good reason. After running a popular French restaurant in town, he and his wife had a change of direction and began in events and catering, based out of the grand Ipswich Club building.

But what’s one to do when restaurants were forced to close, and catering no longer existed? Well, Fenton always had the desire to learn the craft of smoking meats and luckily his smoker arrived the week our national lockdown began in 2020. So, he pivoted in the moment, began trialling some meat and soon opened the smoker as a take-out service on the front lawn of the Ipswich Club.

Think slow-cooked brisket, tender lamb, deep-fried chicken, smashed beef burgers and more… don’t even get us started on the sides and desserts! You’ll have to watch the above video to get a taste of the menu.

You can catch Fenton every Saturday afternoon from 5-8pm out the front of The Ipswich Club on 14 Gray Street. It’s right between the two hospitals… you simply can’t miss that beautiful big Queenslander and Fenton’s beaming grin! You can still grab takeaway but dine-in is now also an option… a chance to soak up some snazzy live tunes.

The best way to stay in the know is by checking out the Fenton’s Fired Up Facebook page here. Orders are best placed ahead of time to make sure you don’t miss out… good on you, Fenton! We can’t wait to visit again.

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