A fabulous food and wine safari in Mount Cotton

For almost 20 years, Sirromet has been on the world stage for producing top-notch wines. From their selection of sauvignon blancs to cab savs and everything in between, their vineyards have added more than 900 awards to their repertoire.

These days, Sirromet’s offering at their headquarters at Mount Cotton, is more than just a cellar door experience, tasting a couple of wines and spitting into a well-polished metal bucket.

Oh yes, the Wild Food & Wine Safari is a unique experience. It involves meeting and greeting the head winemakers and chefs and tasting their best, all whilst driving around the stunning property in your own chauffer service – the vineyard’s working tractor.

At our first station, head chef Matt Fullford affronts us with a selection of local seafood: ocean king prawns, bugs, sashimi, Hiromasa king fish and Hervey Bay scallops- all paired with their award-winning 2013 Le Sauvage Chardonnay – one of the best white wines in the world. Divine. Heaven. Amazing. All the adjectives.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, we got back on the booze bus, for stop “numero dos”…a slow-roasted lamb asado- a South-American style of BBQing.

Matty told us how he prepared this deliciousness: “Stuffed with anchovies, garlic, rosemary, a couple of days to dry out, then seven hours on the fire. We started off over the coals pretty heavy, so we get a bit of caramelization on the skin-side down, then we back it off, we turn it over; then we cook it.”

How did it go down with the crew? Watch the video to find out.

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