“The Girl In The Band” by Belinda Chapple

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “The Girl In The Band” by Belinda Chapple… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

In 2000, Belinda Chapple shot to stardom as a member of the award-winning girl-group “Bardot.” In her first ever memoir, we hear her story…

Belinda spent her childhood dreaming of travelling the world as a performer. When she stumbled upon a competition in the newspaper to find Australia’s next popstar, she thought she had finally found her big break. After a gruelling audition process, watched by huge audiences on television across the world, Belinda signed a contract that would turn her life upside down. Belinda discovered that being a popstar could be a lonely life, but at least she had her fellow bandmembers to turn to for support… until they experienced the ultimate betrayal. “The Girl in the Band” takes us behind the scenes of the early days of reality TV, and reveals, for the first time, what really happened to Bardot.

For fans of Australian Pop Culture, this memoir is an absolute must-read. As the curtain is lifted on the exploitation of the music industry, we are taken on the wild ride that was Bardot. “The Girl in the Band” will resonate with anybody who’s given up everything for a dream, only to have it shatter around them…

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Shot on location at GPO Brisbane.

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