The Gold Coast’s Newest Craft Distillery

Grandad Jack’s Craft Distillery is in Miami on the Gold Coast and has been operating since 1919. Well, that’s what the logo says.

In fact, the distillery is just a few months old but the man who inspired it was indeed born in 1919. That man was Granddad Jack. Jack was born in New Zealand and was a successful barber for seventy years. He was also a keen distiller who liked a good whiskey.

After he passed away, he grandson David and his great-grandson Luke decided to pay respects to the great man by creating the distillery.

Luke is Australia’s youngest commercial gin distillers and he has mastered the art of making craft gins, vodkas and whiskeys. Visitors are invited to relax at the distillery, enjoy some drinks in the tasting room and go on a behind the scenes tour.

The distillery is full of photos and objects related to Granddad Jack and there’s even a barbershop on site where visitors can get a shave and haircut.

Granddad Jack’s is open Wednesday to Sunday.

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