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The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh is one of my favourite authors. I love the way she writes with such sincerity you feel like you are there in the story location.

“The Pearl Thief” is a sweeping historical drama with complex characters and a story woven around a unique piece of jewellery. Set in London and Paris in the 1960’s then referring back to WW2 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, “The Pearl Thief” is the story of a wealthy Jewish family living through persecution and horrors of war.

In the 1960’s Katerina is an authority on historical art specializing in authenticating jewellery. She is shocked when faced with a unique piece that she has an overwhelming connection with. It is a family heirloom that was stolen from her home during the war. The hated thief needs to be confronted but it is difficult as many memories of rape and abuse have shockingly come to the surface after being repressed.

With mystery, betrayal, murder, lies, love and redemption, “The Pearl Thief” is a story to keep you involved to the last page.

Review by Kerryn, Plenty Valley QBD

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