“The Radio Hour” by Victoria Purman

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “The Radio Hour” by Victoria Purman… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Victoria Purman is widely celebrated and acknowledged for her incredible historical fiction titles, and this May she is releasing another must-read story set in post-war Australia, “The Radio Hour”.

This story follows Martha Berry an unassuming fifty-year-old spinster who goes to work each day without fuss or reward like many other women in 1956-era Sydney. Martha is employed by Australia’s national broadcaster; in her years she has seen highly talented employees come and go. But when she is sent to work as a secretary on an exciting new radio serial, Martha finds herself at the mercy of an arrogant young producer without experience, a conservative broadcaster, and a widely mixed bag of actors. Martha is pushed to step in to rescue the new show from imminent cancellation, and she suddenly becomes the secret ghost-writer of scripts for As The Sun Sets, inciting mayhem with management, and creating storylines that connect with the increasing audience of female listeners. But secrets can’t last forever, and Martha is threatened with exposure. She quickly needs to decide whether to remain anonymous or finally step into the spotlight.

With a talented, witty, and charming female protagonist and an epic plot of facing adversity and realising your worth not only as a professional but as a person, “Radio Hour” is the perfect heart-warming and fierce story to dive into this May.

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Shot on location at Casa Chow.

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