The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular

Clydesdale horses are truly amazing. They can weigh over a ton, are able to pull up to 3500 kilos and have feet the size of dinner plates!

Yet with all this might and power, they’re also known as the gentle giants of the horse world.

So when it comes to a weekend dedicated to these magnificent animals, what’s not to celebrate?

The Scenic Rim Clydesdale Spectacular promises to be, as expected, a huge event.

On at the Boonah Showgrounds in June, it showcases anything and everything to do with these mighty work horses.

Terry O’Brien has been involved with the breed for most of his life. He drives a cart in a three abreast formation with his majestic mates, Billy, Bluey and Bobby.

“When you’re in harness, voice is very important,” Terry said. “You don’t have legs as you do when you’re riding so voice is a very important part of your control and these boys know the commands.”

Come show weekend, you too could experience what it’s like to be pulled behind the three gargantuan geldings as Terry will be offering carriage rides to event goers.

As well as demonstrating the traditional way these horses worked, there will be plenty on their presentation too with many of the horses being plaited up in their respective colours.

Self-confessed Clydie crazy Terry Goodear knows what the judges are after when it comes to showing but it goes beyond just looks.

“Their feet are very important because of the weight of the horse plus when they’re working if they’re working on hard surfaces or on the road when they used to, that foot area displaces that weight,” Terry explained. “We judge them on the size of their feet and their feather (that long hair is feather) it’s got to be nice and straight and we look for the right bone and we look for the right hock set. The horses have got to come in and down.”

“That’s where they get their power to drive.”

We have a lot to thank for that power.

Clydies came out in the first fleet so they’re the breed that built Australia,” Terry continued. “So they were the horses that they relied on with all the crops and the timber and they were there helping build the Harbour Bridge!”

It’s not all about the big guys though, showstoppers come in all sizes and you may be surprised to learn the Clydie’s smaller cousins, Shetlands, are also draught horses.

Both Clydesdales and Shetlands hail from Scotland the weekend will have plenty of kilts, bagpipes and haggis, a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep’s offal.

Whether you’re up to try it straight, or have a haggis pie, in our opinion, it’s quite delicious!

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