Trust by Chris Hammer

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love Trust by Chris Hammer… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Trust is the compelling new Australian noir thriller from Chris Hammer, the bestselling author of Scrublands. A haunting tale of crime and corruption, the third book in the series delivers a fast-paced complex plot that reels you in early. From a tranquil beach scene on the coast, Martin is thrust into a crazy journey to find his missing partner following her mysterious kidnapping. Waking up bound and blindfolded heading down a freeway and on her way back to Sydney, Mandy begins to conflate her untold past has caught up on her.

Meanwhile, in western Sydney, a hidden and well-preserved human body is found buried in a cavity of an apartment block. Detective Montifore alerts Martin to the identity of the undercover police officer found in the concrete grave. His name is Tarquin Molloy and at the time of his death, he was engaged to be married to Mandy. It signals the arrival of an adventurous plot as Martin seeks to understand Mandy’s secretive history. A tangled cast of characters from the past and present keep readers centred around the theme of trust throughout the book.

It seems the dream of a new life for Mandy and Martin is marred with dilemmas, but the internationally acclaimed Hammer has returned with a suspenseful addition to the series for fans and new readers alike. It’s easy to follow with characters that carry an alluring depth. Hammers writing style is effortless to read and is honed by his thirty-year career as a foreign correspondent and political journalist. His riveting and intelligent novels have received numerous accolades and it’s no doubt this third instalment Trust is also worthy.

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