Victoria Park Picnic

With 64 hectares of greenery to kick, roam, cycle, and play on, there’s so much to do at Victoria Park. Take the dog for a leisurely walk, bring the bike and wear out the kids on the footpaths, kick a ball, throw a frisbee or just sit down and take in the view of the city skyline!

The park has been open to the public for over a year now and there are some big developments on the way – plans are in place to make this space even more green – increasing the canopy cover from 10% to 60% in the coming years and to build more waterways for native wildlife to call home. Think of it as our version of Hyde or Central Park!

Of course, Victoria Park is still home to favorites such as the Victoria Park Bistro, serving up delicious meals from wood-fired pizzas to juicy steaks to beautiful salads.

But there’s another great option that visitors to the park should consider. And that is a picnic, courtesy of The Picnic Co. They provide bespoke picnic packages for couples right up to groups of 80 people. All you need to do is say where you’d like the picnic to be set up and they will do the rest. They’ll source the best ingredients, set up everything and when you’re done, they’ll pack everything away! They offer breakfast picnics, sunset picnics, and proposal picnics. They can make your magic moment come to life!

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