Visit the Daintree Rainforest with Queensland Rail Travel

Queensland Rail Travel’s Spirit of Queensland connects Brisbane and Cairns five times a week. It’s not just a great way to access spectacular holiday destinations, but you’ll be ‘oh so’ comfortable while you get there!

There are many perks to choosing rail travel – it’s easy journey, without having to worry about driving or navigating unfamiliar roads and you get to enjoy the everchanging view.

If you’re planning on taking an overnight trip, booking a Railbed is the way to go. By day, they’re a comfortable seat to relax in as you watch the scenery drift by and by night, it’s converted into a comfortable bed to sleep in. Pillows, doona and eye mask included! This also means that when you arrive at your destination of choice, you’ll be fresh as a daisy to start exploring!

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Tropical North Queensland is always a great place to start if adventure is what you’re after. This region is home to two World Heritage sites; the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. It’s no secret that millions of people travel north to see the reef, but the rainforest is just as popular!

Daintree Tours operate out of Port Douglas, which is just over an hours’ drive from Cairns. The guides will take you to some of the best local rainforests in the Daintree National Park. Mossman Gorge lies within the southern section of the national park. It’s an immersive experience walking through the gorge and one we’d certainly recommend!

As well as discovering the rainforest, there’s another must-do experience to tick off your list when visiting the Tropical North – croc spotting! Daintree Tours take you across the Daintree River, where you’ll hop onboard a cruise with Cape Tribulation Wilderness cruises. They are the only boat permitted in the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree National Park, so you’ll have the whole river to yourself. Well, except for the crocs.

An adventure to north Queensland is always an exciting one! And when you do it by rail, there’s just all the more to explore.

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