“What Happened To Nina” by Dervla McTiernan

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “What Happened to Nina?” by Dervla McTiernan… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

The cunning and wonderfully unique writing of Dervla McTiernan is back for another explosive and groundbreaking mystery that will leave the reader hungry for more in “What Happened to Nina?”

This new crime fiction novel explores the power of money and the media and how this can assuage the public’s opinion on high-profile crime cases. Nina and Simon appear to be the exemplary couple. Young, full of life, and passionately in love. However, when the couple holiday to Simon’s family’s cabin for the weekend, only Simon returns home. Nobody knows what happened that fateful weekend. Simon’s story about what happened, and their last hours together don’t add up. Simon’s parents rush to hire extravagant lawyers and a PR team to get in front of the impending media frenzy. Nina’s parents push the police for answers. Soon the public is divided, and the facts of the case are lost in accusations and false narratives. However, Nina’s family are determined to uncover the truth and when they realise playing by the book won’t help them – it’s time to break the rules. How far will her family go to discover the truth?

“What Happened To Nina?” is filled with mystery and fast-paced prose that will grip the reader. We highly recommend this title if you’re looking for a crime fiction read with twists at every turn and questions that will plague you until the end.

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