What to pack for a weekend away

Who doesn’t love dusting off their suitcase? For us, it symbolises adventures to come and friends we’ve yet to meet. While it’s exciting to pack for an upcoming trip, it can also be a bit of a chore.

Seeing as we’re quite partial to a getaway here at WEEKENDER, we thought we’d put together a handy list that you may like to use the next time you’re hitting the road.

Sun protection:

There’s nothing pretty about a sunburn on a holiday! So, remember what they say people, ‘slip, slop, slap.’ (Yes… even if it is cloudy!)

As well as sunscreen, we love a long sleeve linen shirt. You can keep cool in Summer and it does a great job protecting you from those nasty rays. Lastly, a wide-brim hat is always a staple in the handbag.

Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner:

Rather than lugging around full-sized hair care products, we suggest buying travel bottles that you can refill after each trip. It not only makes your luggage 10 times lighter, but it’s also easier to fit in your toiletry bag. Just make sure you stick them in a zip lock bag before you travel – nobody likes a shampoo explosion!

Travel calm tablets:

Depending on where and how you’re travelling, you might like to pack some travel calm tablets. If you prefer to go “au-naturel”, the Blackmores Ginger Tablets are great. Otherwise, if you’re after something with a bit more oomph, Kwells usually does the trick.

Portable power bank:

Save yourself the flat phone battery and carry a portable charger. After all, no one wants to miss out on cracking photo opportunities because their phone died.

Laundry bag:

A separate bag for your laundry is always handy to have. That way, when you return home from your holiday, there’s no sorting of clothes required – just dump your bag in the wash.

Lightweight rain jacket:

We hope it doesn’t rain on your parade, but it’s always best to be prepared. Rather than packing an umbrella, we recommend a lightweight rain jacket. They’ll fold into almost nothing and you’ll be oh-so glad it’s there if the skies do decide to open up!

Hand sanitiser:

You could say hand sanitiser is the new black. It’s 2020’s most used accessory so we couldn’t have a list without it. Besides, when you’re travelling around, you may not be able to easily wash your hands, so a pocket-sized hand sanitiser will always come to the rescue.

Wherever you’re travelling and whatever you’re doing, we hope you have a fabulous time. And, if you’ve yet to decide where your next adventure will be, we know a “guy”. Pay them a visit here.

By Amy Teixeira

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