Where the heck is Geham?

Geham is a rural locality, situated about 30 minutes north of Toowoomba. If you’ve driven all 800 kilometres of the New England Highway, you would’ve passed through. Geham sits on its most northern end, up near Crows Nest in Queensland.

While around 400 people call Geham home – from the outset – it’s one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. There is no main street – only one school, a church and on the western side of the highway, Argyle Homestead is a sight to behold. It was erected in the 1870s by local timber merchant, Duncan Munro… who ran the farm as a timber mill until the property changed hands in the 1920s.

Since then, Argyle has earned its badge as a bed and breakfast, a dairy… even Geham’s local post office. Today, the chamferboard residence is now privately owned by Ross and Julie Smith who are proud to uphold its strong heritage title.

With the colonial architecture visible from the highway – be sure to keep an eye out next time you pass through “Geham’!

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