Where the heck is Stanage Bay?

Stanage Bay is a sleepy, seaside town about two hours northeast of Rockhampton. It once used to only be accessible by 4WD, but today the long road in is much kinder and mostly bitumen.

Stanage is a place where time has stood still… locals even call it Stone Age Bay. There’s only one shop – they sell food, fuel, and fishing supplies… which will come in handy if you’re looking to hit the water.

A true fisherman’s delight – Stanage is abundant with reef fish, barramundi and BIG mud crabs… which can get up to 3kg in size!

Looking for a place to stay? Camping is free. The township is made up of three localities, all within cooee of each other. Beverly Hills is one of them. It’s where you’ll find Stanage Bay Fishing Lodge – accommodation that heralds back to the town’s hut days.

Hosts, Jay and Petra, will gladly look after you during your stay – they have facilities to cook your catch, a glorious outdoor shower – and are just steps from the water. Best get in quick to book!

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