Where to find the best takeaway in the City of Ipswich

From restaurants to cafés, pubs, clubs and every hole in the wall in between, they’ve all had to change the way they do business with these evolving times. Some have altered their offering, others simplifying their meals, while others have turned this whole darned situation into an opportunity.  

Bakehouse Steakhouse in Ipswich is one such institution that’s kicking some serious butt buns; within 48 hours of being told to shut up shop, and not wanting to be the proverbial meat in the sandwich, they pivoted and created a new burger business. “The announcement was made by the Government on Sunday night and by Tuesday we had a new website complete with branding ready to go”.  

It’s this niftiness that is helping keep local jobs and cash in the local economy. Another Ipswich institution, Rafter and Rose, known for their delectable cakes and pastries also had to change tack – still offering their standard fare, but adding home-cooked meals, care packages and hard to find items, such as flour and sugar to their repertoire.  

“We kind of look at about ourselves more like a grocery store slash bakery with all the pies and things like that and then on top of that, we were getting local produce coming in, things like eggs from our local supplier, veggies, fruit boxes. Due to the circumstances, we’ve had to make time and make adjustments.”

These are just a couple of Ipswich establishments still open for business. See the full list on the Discover Ipswich website.

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