Where to see street art in the City of Ipswich

The City of Ipswich has lived many lives… from Limestone Mining Settlement to major inland port. Its historic roots are planted firmly in the ground but there’s no doubt the city has blossomed into the 21st Century. There are many old buildings, boutique stores and trendy cafes to explore in the City of Ipswich.

The Cuthbert Building in Ellenborough Street is just one antique building that has been given a new lease on life. Once a plumbers store, the building is now a trendy café. Rafter and Rose is a shady laneway café decorated with flowering pots and plants. Their beautiful baked treats are almost too pretty to eat.

Creativity doesn’t just reign in the kitchen. The Ipswich Street Art Trail showcases the work of some of Australia’s finest artists. There are 13 murals dotted around the CBD – giving this historic city a modern-day twist!

If you’re wanting to give the Art Trail a go for yourself, you can download a map online which pinpoints the artworks… and they’re all within walking distance of each other!

The largest mural on the trail is ‘Distant Country’ painted by contemporary Aboriginal artist, Rachael Sarra. It stands 20 metres tall and 16 metres wide! This is one you need to see for yourself!

Brisbane-based artist, Gus Eagleton has also painted a mural which is included in the trail. He titled the piece ‘The Unvieling’ which is about Ipswich’s heritage, mixed with a modern twist. Gus has been mastering his craft for more than a decade and has painted walls in dozens of cities across Australia, Asia and the UK. Another mural you need to see to believe it!

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