You’ll Be The Death of Me by Karen McManus

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love You’ll Be The Death of Me by Karen McManus… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

If you’ve been on the hunt for an easy-to-follow YA mystery title – “You’ll Be the Death of Me” by Karen M. McManus is the one for you!

This story begins when three former friends – Ivy, Mateo, and Cal – decide to ditch school for old time’s sake. However, when the trio spot their classmate Brian ‘Boney’ Mahoney acting suspiciously, they follow him into an empty building and walk straight into a murder scene. With their day of freedom turning deadly, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. As it goes, the three still have something in common… they all have a connection to the murder victim and they’re all hiding something. Could it be that their chance to reconnect wasn’t by chance after all?

In her signature style that fans have come to know and love, McManus alternates between three perspectives to tell the story, slowly revealing details through each narrator. While considered slow-paced in the beginning, this story is truly captivating and provides a fun twist on being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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