Zero Latency

Imagine being thrown into a computer simulation – every movement that you make with your head, arms and legs, feels seemly “realistic”.

Virtual reality (VR) has come a very very long way in the last few years – from headsets to experiences and games, the technology behind this brave new world is exciting and rapidly evolving.

Zero Latency is one of the upstarts in this new world of gaming – with 45 venues and counting, it is truly one of the best virtual reality experiences. Why? Due to their of free-roam VR.

Let us explain… You strap on a headset, backpack and grab your controller – this is your foray into the virtual world – with no wires to entangle yourself, you are able to walk freely around like you would in the real world and trust us, it feels REAL.

Cliffs can induce a feeling of heights, the sound is in surround and when you move your head, it looks so incredibly realistic. It must be seen to be believed.

There are 8 games, ranging in various levels of interactivity, age, creativity and … gore. From Engineerium, a fantastical world with no gravity… to Zombie Survival (which is pretty much self-explanatory, a hardcore, nightmare-inducing shoot-em-up) there’s a game for everyone.

Zero Latency has opened their second Queensland site – first in the Valley, now on the Gold Coast (Southport) and are open Wednesday to Sunday.

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