5 Reasons to Visit Outback Queensland

For your next holiday, why not swap your long and exhausting flight overseas for a rich and rewarding trip to Queensland’s beautiful and expansive Outback. A trip west to Queensland’s Outback is like no other – with beautiful scenery, friendly faces, fantastic events and fascinating sights, you can be guaranteed that you will make everlasting memories. Here are five reasons why it is time to pack up your suitcase and visit Outback Queensland.

A big thanks to Go Winnebago and Isuzu UTE Australia for getting us on the road!

1. It’s an excellent road trip

There’s nothing better than hitting the wide-open road for an epic road trip, so why not make your next road trip one to Outback Queensland? We promise it will be the road trip of a lifetime. Stop along the way and take in the sights – it will be an adventure!


2. The beautiful sunsets

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful Outback Queensland sunset. Watching the sky light up in dozens of colours is truly a cracking way to end the day. There is something really special about the stunning sunsets of the West.

3. The people

The fantastic people that call Outback Queensland home are just what makes the Outback so unique. Each with a fascinating tale to tell, Outback Queensland is just the place to stop for a yarn and make a new mate.

4. The beautiful starry skies

Jump in your car and head out to Outback Queensland to see the beautiful starry skies of the Outback. Away from the bright cities lights, you can see the beauty of the night sky. Head to Charleville to the Cosmos Centre and Observatory, where you can catch a glimpse of the incredible Milky Way.

5. The fantastic events

Outback Queensland is known for its fantastic events year-round, and we can’t recommend adding one to your calendar enough. Plan your trip out West around an event, and prepare for a fantastic time! There is always a great event on so you will be sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Check out Outback Queensland’s list of events here. 


For more ideas about things to see and do in Outback Queensland, visit our website. 

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