Nine Perfect Strangers

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In Liane Moriarty’s newest page-turner 9 quirky strangers meet at Tranquillum House, an exclusive health resort in remote Australia.

There is Frances, a formerly best-selling novelist, nursing a broken heart.  Ben and Jessica, a married young couple whose relationship had seen better days.  Napoleon, Heather and Zoe, a family carrying a lot of grief and anger related to a tragedy that happened three years ago.  Tony a former star footballer. Carmel a mother of four who lost her husband to a much younger woman and of course Lars, a successful divorce lawyer.

The resort promises in 10 days they’ll feel totally changed but could a 10-day stay at the health resort really change their lives forever? These 9 strangers are about to find out…

Tranquillum, House is owned by charismatic Masha, a ruthless former company executive whose near-death experience led to a life changing transformation.  Driven by the best intentions and supported by her primary staff members Yao and Delilah, Masha is willing to take things to extremes to force her guests to change their lives; but just how far will she go to change her newest arrivals live?

These nine strangers cannot possibly imagine how challenging the next ten days are going to be

In this psychological thriller Liane Moriarty reveals each the backstory of each individual as the story progresses. She brings together a bunch of quirky characters and delivers an intriguing, lifelike beautifully written and yet humorous read.

– Claudia, QBD Marketing Dept.

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