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If you’ve ever found yourself admiring Chris Hemsworth’s rippling muscles as he wields Mjolnir in Marvel’s Thor franchise, you can thank his personal trainer Luke Zocchi for the gun show.

In his debut book, ‘The A-List Diet & Fitness Plan’, the world-renowned trainer-to-the-stars reveals how to build strength and blast fat no matter your age or fitness level.

Based on the same principles he employs with celebrity clients like Cate Blanchett and Hemsworth, Zocchi’s 12 week program has stripped nutrition and training back to basics. Consisting of 20 minute high intensity workouts that you can do multiple times throughout the day (but you don’t have to); there are no props or gym required, so you can do your work out anywhere, at any time.

Obviously with a title like ‘The A-List Diet & Fitness Plan’, you just start cringing inside waiting to see what you can and can’t eat. However, the 100 easy to follow recipes in Luke’s book are actually tasty, nutritious and use wholefoods! (tried and tested by this reader!) He also provides options for workout days and non-workout days so it is incredibly easy to eat right, not matter what you4 are doing, AND you don’t have to starve yourself- 3 main meals a day with optional snacks are recommended…and the recipes are right there.

Final verdict? I really like that this book is a no-nonsense, straight-forward plan to getting and staying fit and healthy. You don’t need any fancy gadgets, you don’t need to eat any weird foods; it’s just straight-up hard work and eating well that gets you to your goal.

And if you still need convincing to give The A-List Diet & Fitness Plan a shot, you can’t get a better endorsement than the one on the front cover by Chris Hemsworth himself:

‘Luke is a flat-out legend. The world’s best personal trainer.’-
– Chris Hemsworth

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