Abbey of the Roses

Bathed in twilight or warmed by the morning sun, the sandstone grandeur of Abbey of the Roses is a glowing sight to behold.

This elegant manor in Warwick on the Southern Downs could be mistaken for the residence of European gentry. But, as the name suggests, it was once home to far more humble occupants.


In the late 1800’s, the Abbey was built as a convent and Catholic girls’ boarding school. Believe it or not, plans were drawn up by the same architects who designed Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Hotel. Not sure what the good Sisters of Mercy would have made of that!

Guests can stay upstairs in one of thirteen classically decorated rooms – the crowning glory of which is the Bavarian Suite with its vaulted ceiling, mahogany 4-poster bed, chandeliers and stain glass windows.

There’s more stunning stained glass to admire in the heritage-listed chapel. Windows depicting religious iconography were made in Germany at Munich’s royal stained glass institute, then transported to Australia. Nothing like bubble wrap existed in those days – so each fragile pane was shipped in a vat of molasses, which had to be washed off before installation.


Apart from welcoming in-house guests, Abbey of the Roses is the setting for delicious high teas and lunches. Enjoy a pot of freshly brewed tea, along with savoury and sweet delights – followed by a guided history tour. Or take a self-guided tour and view a selection of antiques for sale most weekdays from 10.30am to 2pm.

If you fancy yourself as Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple, the Abbey of the Roses is also the setting for an annual Murder Mystery Masquerade Dinner in which masked guests try to solve ‘whodunit’ over three delicious courses from canapes to coffee.


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