Ahoy, Magnetic Island

For a laid-back, tropical break, you can’t find much better than Magnetic Island, near Townsville. On Maggie Island, you can find spectacular beaches, koalas, snorkelling, hiking trails, and, pirates. Yep, pirates.

Scallywags Café is the creation of travelling performers, Pete and Kristal Stafford, not to mention the biggest Scallywag of the lot – their daughter Ruby.

And with help from a few like-minded friends they’ve built a place that’s part-café, part playground and part-circus.

They’re all about dinner and a show… but a word of advice – don’t ask to see the show unless you’re prepared to be part of the show.

They’re born performers at Scallywags, but arguably the biggest show-stealer is the food – hearty, healthy and they definitely don’t scrimp on the serving size.

The food’s actually where it all started for these guys, Scallywags began as a touring food truck before they finally decided to drop anchor here on Maggie. We can’t say that we blame them!

Looking for somewhere to stay? We suggest Peppers Blue on Blue in Nelly Bay!
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