Australia’s Whale Watching Capital – Hervey Bay

If you want to watch whales in the wild, no other destination can rival the sheer number and quality of whale encounters you’ll experience in Hervey Bay.

During whale season, thousands of humpback whales make this calm, protected and relatively small area a popular stopover on their journey to Antarctica. Whale “muggings” are common when one or more of these curious creatures approaches and stays close to the boat for an extended period of time. Other fascinating behaviours often on display include breaches, tail slaps, fluke up dives, and what we at Pacific Whale Foundation call “spy-hopping” – when a whale raises its head just above the water at eye level. It makes you wonder who’s watching who?

For an up-close and personal encounter with a humpback whale, there’s no better place than Hervey Bay – and there’s no better ecotour than when you go with the experts at Pacific Whale Foundation.

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