Birrunga Gallery

If you’re interested in Indigenous art, a visit to the Birrunga Gallery and Dining should be on your to-do list.

Founder and artist Birrunga Wiradyuri started operations in 2015 after he needed to find an exhibition space for his 43 piece collection.

“We found this place. Yeah really easy space to activate. It’s also meant that we’re licensed,” Birrunga said.

“We’ve got a great kitchen, we do our catering in house and out. And a lot of events through the place as well as the art and cultural performances.”

The gallery exhibits and sells collectable art from contemporary First Nations artists, prison art, established artists and emerging artists.

The story of Birrunga’s start in the art world is an interesting one.

“Wayne Weaver who our charity’s named after and I started working together in Frontline Youth. And he’s a noted artist himself,” he said. “So in 2011 I found myself with the family down in Gunderimbah. I got some muddy water from the river down there. Some paint, easel, starting pushing it round, painted our mate’s farmhouse.”

“Wayne looked at it and said yeah that’s good keep going. And then I did another one. He said put it in a competition. I said you’re mad. Over the next few years that just progressed into entering the Archibald. And got three pages in the NSW Gallery Society’s Look Magazine.”

The Wayne Weaver Foundation provides pre and post-release support to Indigenous prisoners.

“First Nations people sit at about 33 per cent of the prison population so we’re massively over-represented,” Birrunga said.

You can find Birrunga Gallery and Dining at Basement Level, 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City.

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