Brisbane Arcade – The Galleries

Brisbane Arcade is the city’s home of high fashion with many top designers getting their career start in the beautiful space.

But in the 1950’s, the arcade was also where you came to see the works of famous Australian artists too, a tradition reborn with “The Galleries”.

Brisbane Arcade’s “The Galleries” give local artists and emerging fashion designers the chance to show off their creations.

Andra Bite says the concept revives a chapter from the arcade’s past.

“This is harking back to the days when the arcade was home to a very famous gallery called The Johnstone Gallery,” Andra said. “Loads of really famous artists were shown in there including Sir Sydney Nolan and Margaret Olley.”

“The Galleries” will feature a rotating roster of creatives at work, like Gary Dolan who’s been painting since he was 13 years old.

Gary welcomes visitors to the arcade to watch him work.

“I love talking to people about art,” he said. “The type of people who come into arcade like this appreciate art.”

“The building is art, in itself.”

From fashion on canvas to fashion on the rack, Brisbane Arcade’s love affair with haute couture is a long one.  With “The Galleries”, a new generation of young designers get the chance to run their own pop-up boutiques in the heritage arcade.

“As an emerging designer, it’s tough for us to get a retail space – and this is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase our designs,” said young Brisbane designer, Chamani.

Chamani’s collection was also in the spotlight at this year’s Brisbane Arcade Spring Fashion Show.

“I grew up in Brisbane and Brisbane Arcade is where you went to get beautiful, quality, bespoke fashion. It’s such a dream to be here.”

Drop into the Brisbane Arcade to find new fashion labels and artists in work in “The Galleries”.

Artists will at work in their studios and available to meet with the public on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm.  Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are by appointment only.

You’ll find the arcade off the Queen Street Mall in the CBD.

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