Brisbane Lions Downtime

Our very own Brisbane Lions always turn it up on the field, roaring in their training, working hard for that win, but what do they do when the boots come off and it’s downtime?

They play golf!

“Most of the boys will hit the range or hit our local golf club and play out there and it’s great,” said Lions Caption Dayne Zorko. “I reckon there’s about 23, 24 of us that are all members out of the club.”

“Most of the boys really enjoy it and I think it’s a great way to challenge your mind and get your mind thinking differently and it’s amazing you can translate a little bit of golf into footy with routines and set shots for goal, very similar to your golf swing so yeah it all sort of coincides but it’s a bit of fun as well.”

They even have their own tournament within the club, with the winner receiving the ultimate honour.

“We’ve got our Brisbane Lions jacket,” Dayne explained. “The winner’s very fortunate, they get their name on the back of the jacket. We went out to the op shop, got a Masters patch put on it.”

Jaxon Prior might be the youngest player on the team, but that doesn’t mean he’s sub-par on the golf course.

“ I was pretty stoked to come over here and then all the boys they invite you out each week and I think it’s a really good thing that we have so many boys playing golf because we can build so many connections through the game of golf so it’s awesome playing with those boys,” Jaxon said.

Victoria Park was the course of choice for the day. It’s one of Brisbane’s best golf clubs and along with views of the city that are second to none, it also provides a cold drink and a feed after you finish your bucket of balls.

To book your spot at Victoria Park, click here.

For tickets to the next Lions game, or to become a member, head to the Brisbane Lions website.

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