Queensland Country Women’s Association turns 100!

“This is a very very special year for QWCA because we are celebrating our centenary so we look back every now and then and look at what we have achieved,” beamed CWA Warwick’s Penny Campbell Wilson.

She’s one of the over 4000 QCWA members celebrating 100 years of this very special association.

Ruth Fairfax founded the Country Women’s Association in 1922 and by 1928 had already created 283 branches.

“Women, they were isolated and the main reason was to bring women together,” Penny explains. “For friendship, and to share everything that’s happening in their lives, and if they have special capabilities, like most of these ladies do they’re amazing, it’s a good opportunity.”

Members aren’t short on things to do with many activities varying from cooking demonstrations to sewing, knitting and hand work such as pottery painting.

There’s even computer classes, photography and public speaking.

The Condamine Valley Branch is home to the region’s famous Tea Room.

“The Condamine Valley Warwick Tearooms are an institution in this area,” Penny said. “We have three of four ladies who every day come and make sandwiches and the whole town knows about our beautiful fresh sandwiches and from that we help some of our branches but we help the community.”

So go ahead and visit your local CWA today – you’ll be very welcome.

“There is something for everybody,” Penny said. “If you just want to come to a meeting and meet people, that is wonderful and they’d be warmly welcomed.”

Find your closest branch here.

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