Christmas Shopping for Blokes

Christmas is bearing down on us like a runaway festive freight train – so it’s time to get those Christmas lists tight!

And if the bloke in your life is impossible to buy for – Brisbane Arcade comes to your rescue with stylish, unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

It’s universally agreed that men are notorious for their aversion to big shopping centres. But, unlike your crowded mega-retailer, Brisbane Arcade is genteel and elegant. Plus, it’s practically bursting with gift ideas for the discerning, urbane gentleman.

Want a pair of rock star frames? Or stylish glasses that add a touch of sophistication? Head into 2020 Optical and you’ll find fashionable, quality eyewear from the world’s leading designers.

Just across the arcade is Indepal, a store devoted to fine leather goods and unique gifts.  Quality, handcrafted leather bags are the stars of the store’s eclectic stock – which includes everything from leather-bound books, to socks, to shirts, to chocolate!

If collectibles are your man’s thing, why not peruse the fabulous heirloom time-pieces at Vintage Watch Company? Former Australian Prime Ministers John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull – plus rock stars like Alice Cooper – have been among previous customers, snapping up collectible Rolexes, Cartier and Longines watches.

Continuing the collection theme, head upstairs to the arcade’s gallery level and visit the Model Shoppe to find all manner of interesting models and objet d’art for the ‘man cave’ – everything from chess sets to vintage inkwells; Renaissance Dominoes to a model of the Titanic.  Downstairs, the Pen Shoppe is a perennial favourite among buyers of quality pens from around the world.

Finally, for the man who has everything – how about a new hat for Christmas? Brisbane Hatters is the city’s “chapeaux central” with all manner of headgear, from the quirky (Pith Helmets, Deerstalkers and sailor’s caps) to the debonair (Panamas, Fedoras and Akubras).

Brisbane Arcade, off the Queen Street Mall, is the go-to for buying for your better half, number one son, favourite nephew or male friend.

And – fellas – the arcade has loads of Christmas inspiration for ladies’ gifts too.

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