Cutters End by Margaret Hickey

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love Cutters End by Margaret Hickey… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

In this gripping new crime-fiction novel, Margaret Hickey takes readers on a journey to the South Australian town of Cutters End – the place where a mysterious death on New Year’s Eve 1989 leads to a shocking murder investigation 32 years later.

This story is told in the perspective of Detective Sergeant Mark Ariti, a relatable and flawed man stuck in the middle of a town ready to explode. Three decades ago, a burnt and broken body was discovered on the side of Stuart Highway, 300km south of Cutters End. Though ultimately labelled an accidental death, many people – including a high-profile celebrity – are convinced it was murder. Mark is assigned to this recently reopened case, one in which he has a personal connection. After his interviews with witnesses prove to be unhelpful, he has no choice but to travel the long journey to Cutters End himself. With the assistance of local Senior Constable Jagdeep Kaur, he soon learns that this death isn’t the only unsolved case that hangs over the town.

“Cutters End” is a slow burning thriller that you won’t forget anytime soon. Between the haunting outback setting and unsettling mystery, it is easy to lose yourself in this story. While it is set at a slower pace than many other crime-fiction books, this allows readers connect to the characters – especially Detective Mark – and feel like they are involved in solving the mystery. For fans of “The Dry” by Jane Harper, this is the perfect read!

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