Gab Titui Cultural Centre

Even its name represents the many communities of the Torres Strait. Gab Titui Cultural Centre takes “Gab” from the eastern island group language; and “Titui” from the western islands group language. Together it translates to “Journey of the Stars” and visitors to Thursday Island make their own journey of sorts, when they wander through its two galleries.

The Ephraim Bani Gallery keep Torres Strait’s rich history and culture alive. It shares stories about lifestyle and cultural practices that continue to be passed from generation to generation.

Those stories represent traditional owners from different islands, as well as the many ethnicities that made Thursday Island home when it was a colonial outpost.

Next door, Wabunaw Geth Gallery is a commercial gallery with all sorts of wonderful works by local artists. Paints, prints, and sculptures feature in a diverse range, that includes innovative techniques (like paint drawn from mangroves).

In tandem with the exhibitions in the galleries, there’s also a public program that features workshops from local Aunties who are specialists in their fields.

Beading, weaving and cooking demonstrations and hands on classes are offered on a semi regular basis. Details can be found on the centre’s website.

Gab Titui Cultural Centre on Waibene (or Thursday Island) has much to offer visitors who want to understand more about the culture, art and heritage of Torres Strait.

It’s open six days a week, year ‘round, and it has beautiful retail store that is brimming with gift ideas that are made locally.

Items from the shop are also available online.

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