Meet country wedding photographer and ‘Queen of the Dust’, Edwina Robertson

You’ll never meet a country-born turned city slicker who’s more passionate about the bush than Edwina Robertson. She has given our friends in the outback a voice – something they need now more than ever.

Eddy is a sixth-generation child of the land from Deepwater, NSW… so you could say ‘the bush’ is deep within her veins. Having been in photography for just shy of 10 years, early on Eddy quickly niched in bush weddings… earning her the title Queen of the Dust.

Her main drive of heading west was to give people who made the choice to either get married at their family property or back where they grew up, the opportunity to have a photographer that wasn’t local to come and shoot their special day. And through that, she’s produced some of the most magical shots in some of the hardest conditions, witnessing first-hand the devastation of drought.

This has led Eddy to other projects – one of which took her on a 100-day journey through Australia’s outback, called ‘Wander of the West’. Just Eddy, her dog Jordy, and a 1979 Landcruiser called Alice. Sounds good, right? Of course, Eddy took this journey to the next level, setting off with no money in hand, but instead bartering her skills as a photographer in exchange for food, fuel and accommodation. It was a success in terms of raising awareness of the outback, which then gave life to her next project, One Bucket… another way of enlightening ‘city cousins’ of what the drought meant for so many rural and regional Australians. She did so by sharing stories of how people were affected through her photography, storytelling and the power of social media.

A year later, Edwina took to the roads once again with our very own, Sammie O’Brien, where they hosted nine pub nights in regional towns that were affected by drought. It was called ‘A Beer on the City’… sponsored by city corporates who were effectively shouting these folks a beer and giving them the opportunity for their voice to be heard.

If that wasn’t enough to keep Edwina busy, she also – on average – shoots over 50 weddings a year. Her books are extremely limited but swing her a message ahead of 2022 if you can see her creating magic at your special day. She’s a remarkable woman who we were very fortunate to share time with… someone who deserves to have their story now told instead. Good onya, Eddy!

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