GC 500

Buckle up, fellow thrill-seekers, because the Gold Coast is gearing up for one of its most exciting events of the year—the GC 500! Hosted by Channel Seven, this heart-pounding spectacle promises high-speed action, adrenaline rushes, and a taste of the luxurious lifestyle that the Gold Coast is famous for, from Fri, 27 Oct – Sun, 29 Oct 2023.

The GC 500 is more than just a race; it’s an experience that captures the essence of the Gold Coast’s vibrant energy. As engines roar and tires screech, you’ll witness top-tier racing talent battling it out on a world-class circuit. It’s a weekend where the need for speed takes center stage, and spectators are treated to a display of automotive prowess that will leave you breathless.

But what makes the GC 500 truly special isn’t just the race—it’s the backdrop. The Gold Coast offers a stunning setting that combines golden beaches, azure waters, and a skyline that twinkles day and night. As the cars zip around the track, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of this coastal paradise that’ll take your breath away.

After the race, satisfy your appetite at the Oracle Precinct in Broadbeach. This stylish dining hub offers a range of culinary delights to please every palate. But there’s one dish that you absolutely must try—the mouthwatering lamb shoulder at Social Eating House. Prepared to perfection, it’s a flavor explosion that’ll leave you craving for more. A Luxurious Stay at JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort and Spa: The Perfect Race-Day Retreat. If you’re looking for the ultimate race-day experience, consider checking into the JW Marriott. This luxurious oasis offers a range of amenities that’ll make your stay as memorable as the race itself. Relax by the stunning pool, rejuvenate at the spa, or savor exquisite dining options. And here’s the best part—many rooms offer sweeping views of the GC 500 track. Imagine watching the race from the comfort of your own room, cheering on your favorite drivers with a glass of champagne in hand.

The GC 500 is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the Gold Coast’s unique blend of adrenaline and luxury. So mark your calendars and get ready to rev your engines, savor delectable flavors, and experience world-class accommodation. The Gold Coast awaits, and the GC 500 promises a weekend you’ll never forget. It’s where speed, spectacle, and sheer beauty collide, creating memories that will last a lifetime. See you at the finish line!

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