Get Growing by Holly Farrell

Want to hear more from Victoria? Here is what she thought of Get Growing by Holly Farrell

A great little book from the Australian Geographic collection of publications.

Lee and I both felt this book was a special one you’d keep in the family and pass down through the generations. It actually looks as though it could be a family heirloom. The choice of paper, colours and illustrations is really organic, almost from another era and that’s part of the charm. A book that will grow with your family.

Get Growing gives you all the basics you to need to get started.. and guides you through the seasons of the year. From seasonal planting of fruit and veggies to ferns, flowers and of course the pride and joy – the lawn!

This helpful guide really spruiks the advantages of gardening for families as a way of reconnecting, as well as connecting with nature and fostering a love of the environment.

Of course, lots of families have been spending time at home and looking for projects and hobbies and things they can do together that will last more than 5 minutes. Get Growing gives you just that.

From ‘How to make a smelly seat’ (it’s not what you think!), to growing lavender to make a crown or a wreath or growing edible flowers for your salad at dinnertime. What’s really surprising is the variety of plants and fruit and veg we really CAN grow at home! Of course, it depends on your climate and what part of the country you live in, but it’s all mapped out.

There’s a handy glossary which is a great teaching tool for kids (and rookie adult gardeners).

Like a favourite cookbook in the kitchen, Get Growing is a lovely go-to for families with kids of all ages.

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