Australia’s Best 100 Walks

Want to hear more from Victoria? Here is what she thought of Australia’s Best 100 Walks

This was another top pick for Lee and I this month. A must-have book at home on the coffee table as a conversation starter, but more than that, to spark you into action. Also, a wonderful book to gift to friends interstate as we will all be staying put in our own country for a while to come. It’s a heads up on all of the amazing sites and places in our lucky Country.

Australian Geographic is simply saying, get out and go for a walk.. (which is what we’ve all been doing of late- albeit around the block!)

They chose their best 100 walks… they are exhilarating or deeply satisfying and might take anything from a few hours to a few days. From city walks to some which really are right off the beaten track.

It’s a book of the times and opens your mind and eyes to places you might not have considered.. as Sir David Attenborough says in the introduction.. ‘No one will protect what they don’t’ care about and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

Australia’s Best 100 Walks is broken up state by state, and the walks are graded by their level of difficulty…easy to medium or hard. I promise they aren’t all epic multi-day treks. A real key to this book is that it makes the walks accessible. They are free.. or mostly free (you may pay a camping fee if you are braving it overnight.)

It’s actually pretty fun to go through and see how many you’ve done. I bet you’ll surprise yourself! My list included Springbrook National Park, Hinchinbrook Island, Carnarvon Gorge, Kondalilla Falls, North Straddie and Boodjamulla. But it’s aspirationa., a nice way to maybe write yourself a bucket list. (for me that’s Tassie with the Bay of Fires and Wineglass Bay Circuit.)

This is a beautiful book to encourage Australians to connect with nature, but also fully appreciate what we’ve got! Get out, get moving and Get walking!

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