“Good Influence” by Zac Perna

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “Good Influence” by Zac Perna… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

The answers to finding motivation and living your best fulfilling life are right here in Zac Perna’s riveting new fitness and lifestyle title, “Good Influence”.

Zac has built an international platform for himself and his fitness business through his hilarious, authentic, and insightful content that his audience resonates with and appreciates. However, in his debut title, Zac goes further and more intimately into his wealth of knowledge on nutrition, healthy habits, fitness tips, and anecdotes from his own life. Zac also explores the hard work and determination he has poured into establishing his business and mega social media brand.

“Good Influence” is the perfect title to kick-start living your best healthy life in 2024, and to start achieving your New Year’s resolutions. This book will make you laugh, motivate, and educate you all in one and is a highly esteemed read for your summer book list!

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