“The Swifts” by Beth Lincoln

Lee and Victoria weren’t the only ones to love “The Swifts” by Beth Lincoln… Here is what the QBD crew thought:

Get ready for a hilarious mixture of mystery, murder, and mischief in the wonderful new young adult fiction title, “The Swifts” by Beth Lincoln. Beth takes the reader into a world where your name and titles mean everything and defines who you must grow up to be. However, the delightful protagonist has other plans and believes she can forge herself a different path and determine her destiny.

When they are born, each family member of the Swifts is presented before the hallowed Family Dictionary. They are bestowed with a name and definition, and it is expected they will grow up to equal this. However, Shenanigan Swift has other plans for her future. Shenanigan knows in her heart she can be whatever she chooses – a detective, an explorer, or even an astronaut. This comes in handy as one of the Swifts attempts to murder their aunt and now someone must solve this mystery, quickly. Shenanigan reluctantly begins to work on the case, with the help of her cousin and sisters, but suddenly there are more murders, hidden treasure, and a long list of suspects that are creating serious roadblocks for Shenanigan to find the truth. Amid the chaos and secrets, in a family where definitions are so fundamental, can Shenanigan establish her sense of self and catch the killer?

Beth’s debut YA fiction title is whimsical and witty, filled with puns, quirky characters, and a fiendishly fun plot. At the heart of this story is a significant message for any young reader, which is the reminder that they have autonomy over their identity and future. Shenanigan reminds the reader that you don’t have to conform to societal or family expectations, no matter how traditional or sacred they are. This cleverly eccentric novel is a must-read for all ages this January.

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