Is this Queensland’s best-kept bushwalking secret?

The tiny town of Biggenden is laying claim to the title of Queensland’s best-kept bushwalking secret.

Biggenden is about three-and-a-bit-hours north of Brisbane, right up the top of the South Burnett.

Moira Thompson is an avid bushwalker who is following in her father’s footsteps by promoting the area as a trekking destination.

The Mount Walsh National Park is just outside town, where you’ll find the Harry Frauca walking track, named for none other than Moira’s dad.

It’s a three-kilometre return track – but it’s classed for experienced walkers only, with good fitness and navigation skills.

The top of Mount Walsh sits about 700 metres above sea level.

You’ll want to set aside most of the day to get up and down the mountain, not just for the walk, but because it’s worth spending a bit of time exploring the plateau on top.

If you are planning on tackling Mount Walsh for yourself – just make sure you’re prepared: good fitness, proper footwear, lots of food and water are all musts.

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