Luke & Cody’s VIP Fraser Island Weekend Competition Winners Part 2

The adventure continues with six lucky friends of Queensland Weekender’s Facebook Page who won a VIP weekend away at Fraser Island with Luke and Cody.

On the second day of the Fraser Explorer 2 Day Tour, the four wheel drive bus rolled onto 75 Mile Beach on the island’s eastern side. It’s visitor hot spots include Eli Creek, the wreck of the SS Maheno, Indian Head and The Champagne Pools.

On a warm day it’s difficult to pass the freshwater Eli Creek without being tempted to carry an inflatable along the boardwalk and floating back towards where the creek pours out onto the beach.

Nearby is the Maheno shipwreck of what was once a luxury liner. It washed ashore in 1935, and what’s left of its rusted hull makes for a fantastic photo backdrop.

Further north is the imposing sight of Indian Head, jutting out into the ocean. It’s a popular destination for avid anglers, but anyone fit enough to tackle a ten-minute walk to its summit is rewarded with amazing views up and down the beach.

The Champagne Pools is at the end of another short walk that’s very worthwhile. Waves crashing over the rock pools there create a spray and bubbles that have it compared to a series of spa baths.

After two full days of sightseeing during the Fraser Explorer 2 Day Tour, guests are returned to the barge that takes them back to Hervey Bay.

Luke and Cody would agree that it’s a fantastic way to get to enjoy many of Fraser’s greatest assets.

Fraser Explorer 2 Day Tour ex-Hervey Bay

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