Macca’s Makeover by Matt Cosgrove

Lee and Vic weren’t the only ones to love Macca’s Makeover… Here are some book reviews from the QBD crew:

Matt Cosgrove has created the most loved alpaca in the world, and this is another fantastic book in the series. Macca’s Makeover is a fun story of Macca trying to work out how to be cool, and asking his friends to make him cool, while learning about the things that make him special. The illustrations are colourful and entertaining. I hope kids of all ages love this book and message as much as I do!

  • Karina from Canberra Centre

The much-loved Macca the Alpaca is back, this time on a quest to be ‘cool’. Should he hit the gym? Get a new haircut? Or maybe… he’s already a pretty special little alpaca? Matt Cosgrove once again creates a fun story with wonderful illustrations and a heartfelt message. Kids will love it!

  • Sarah, QBD Head Office


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