All aboard the Mary Valley Rattler!

Gympie is known as Queensland’s gold rush town. The precious metal was discovered in 1867, which kicked off one of the wildest rushes our state has ever seen!

Fast forward to present day and the sights of gold are sadly in the distance. However, remnants of this exciting time still remain — in the form of a steam train!

The Mary Valley Rattler was built to transport supplies into town as locals struggled to cope with the booming population. Nowadays, passengers can jump on board the heritage locomotive to experience the ways of a bygone era.

The train departs from Old Gympie Station several days a week. From Gympie, you’ll wind your way through the beautiful Mary Valley, stopping off at Amamoor Station. It’s here where the train changes direction on a heritage turn table. There’s also a chance to grab a photo with the Rattler.

If you’re thinking of staying a night or two in the region, then we’ve got some good news for you: You can have the best of both worlds by booking in at Amamoor Lodge. They offer a Ride and Relax package, which includes two return train tickets on board the Mary Valley Rattler, overnight accommodation, a two-course dinner and a home-cooked breakfast on the verandah, overlooking the mountains.

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