Fliteboarding in Caloundra

There’s been an evolution, of sorts, on the water – from kite buggying, to kitesurfing, windsurfing and scuba diving. With new technology, there have been hundreds of new sports introduced over the years. Most have come and gone. But we recently tried out the latest sport, that surely going to make an impact and is a stayer.

Fliteboarding is a new concept – imagine a Lime scooter, in the shape of a shortened SUP board, that allowed you to cruise the waterways. Riding it feels like snowboarding – giving you a sense of freedom while hightailing it on the water.

Sunshine Coast Board Sports have set up the first Flite school in the world – allowing would be punters to give this a try – and a word of warning – there are plenty of stacks involved in the process. First hard it is hard, but once you get the idea, everything clicks, and you’re flying along!

See the video above for this sweet new sport.

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