Redlands Coast’s Coochiemudlo Island

Great coffee, babycinos and an amazing breakfast – all the ingredients for a perfect start to the day with your kids these school holidays!

The Redlands Coast has heaps of family-friendly spots waiting to be explored including Warra Warra Café.

This chic nook in Victoria Point is a win-win for the adults and the kids with a beautiful menu inspired by Indigenous flavours. It’s run by husband and wife team Torsten and Lesa.

“Our name Warra Warra is the traditional name for Victoria Point,” Torsten explained. “We really wanted to represent the Quandamooka people which is why we’ve set up the shop as it is and I have a real passion for my culture.”

It’s a passion fused into every fibre of the café with traditional flavours such as lemon myrtle and wattle seed scattering the menu.

“We have a lot of spices, a lot of local produce from here, all our honey is local, all our eggs are local,” Torsten said.

The café also has Indigenous artwork and wares on display and for sale.

“All local Quandamooka people and yeah it’s had a really good response.”

The Redlands Coast is scattered with bay islands, the closest of which to Brisbane is Coochiemudlo Island in southern Moreton Bay.

It’s easy enough to get to by passenger or vehicle ferry departing regularly from Victoria Point – and seeing as the island is so close, it’s only a 10 minute trip!

Coochie is emerald fringed which means the outskirts are completely natural, unable to be built on.

It’s only 5 square kilometres in size, but with over 4 kays of beaches, you’re not short on things to do thanks in part to Bay Island Water Sports’ Ashley.

He’s expanded the business from the original Cleveland location to now also offer hire stand on Coochie.

“The opportunity arose and Coochie needs people,” he explained. “The more people I can get onto the water the better.”

Ashley has plenty on offer from SUPs to water bikes and kayaks. In fact he’s just added a brand new four-person kayak to his fleet!

If you’ve got little ones, the water bike’s a great option thanks to its stability.

“It’s the only bike you can ride where if you stop pedalling you don’t fall off,” he laughed. “Because it’s a little catamaran frame it is just so easy to ride on.”

When it comes to lunch, you won’t have far to go. It’s only a few metres away to Coochiemudlo Island Beach Bar. It’s a passion project for husband and wife duo Ian and Chris.

Ian very proud of what they’ve been able to do with the place.

“The food I believe speaks for itself,” he beamed. “We have excellent craft beers and a great atmosphere.”

He’s also very proud of the island and its amazing community.

“We arrived here about six and a half years ago and the very day that we came here, we actually put a contract and bought a house,” he said. “Now the island is as what you can see it’s beautiful but as beautiful as the island is, I think the people make it. After six and a half years, it’s a beautiful community, and it’s full of characters.”

As you can see, the Redlands Coast has so much to keep the family busy these school holidays so what are you waiting for? Book your adventures now!

Redlands Coast

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