Soul Soothing Eudlo

The Eudlo area, just south of the Blackall Range is surrounded by lush hinterland and countryside.

This quaint village has a general store, town hall and Sweethearts Café serving up local produce.

But did you know it’s also a haven for REAL experiences to soothe the soul? A “wellness hub” if you will.

Let us enlighten you.

The Chenrezig Institute

The Chenrezig Institute is a retreat focusing on the study and meditation of Buddhism.

Chenrezig is a Tibetan word that refers to a particular Buddha who’s the Buddha of Compassion.

Ailsa Cameron was ordained a Buddhist nun 33 years ago and has been based at Chenrezig for 30 of those years.

“What resonated most strongly was the bottom line of Buddhism which is not harming others, so as much as possible not harming others with your body and speech, which is relatively easy to learn but also not harming others with your mind,” Ailsa said. “And then on top of that, if you can you try to benefit others.”

“The other fascinating thing is that we spend a lot of time studying the mind in a way that’s different from say Western psychology, or psychiatry so you get to examine your mind a lot and watch for the way that thoughts arise and what causes them to arise and you learn skilful means in the light of that to not harm other with your actions of body and speech because you understand your mind.”

“It gives you a kind of kinder approach to life I think if you’re always thinking about other beings and their happiness and not causing them suffering. Then it makes you I think a gentler kinder person.”

Chenrezig was established in 1974 and is one of the first Tibetan Buddhist centres in the Western world.

It has a teaching and meditation room, a café, library, art studio and a wellbeing centre where guests can partake in good health practices like yoga.

“We’re also a beautiful environment if people just want to have a peaceful time or have a picnic here,” Ailsa said. “We have the Garden of Enlightenment or we have the Nalanda Masters Garden.”

The Jetavana Grove

Continue the wellness journey at The Jetavana Grove, also in Eudlo.

This B and B retreat is set against the lush tropics of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Owner Magaly Wallace pays homage to the nearby Chenrezig, also theming the set of three bungalows on Buddhism.

This is evident in the many hand-carved Buddha statues throughout the property.

“The statues, they’re hand made and brought from Indonesia,” Magaly said.

The bungalows are named after Tibetan monasteries with each evoking that special feeling from the moment you step inside.

“It’s just calm and silent,  to recharge your batteries. Just come, silence and you can meditate,” Magaly said.

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